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Need some killer copy written, or email marketing executed? Lanham Digital is the marketing consultancy that you’ve been looking for.

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Hi, I’m Taria. Previously a corporate marketer, now a mum-of-two pursuing my passion – helping small businesses achieve their goals by providing effective and affordable copy writing and email marketing solutions.

I want to help your business THRIVE. I’ll be doing a happy dance right along with you when you make a sale or get a new lead as a result of increased efficiencies in your marketing.

If you feel overwhelmed by the need to be a jack-of-all-trades whilst managing your business, I’m here for you. Let’s get into it!

“Taria takes my content in all its messy glory and turns it into punchy, concise and brilliant work. What would take me hours to edit and perfect she does in 20 minutes and 10 times better than I’m able to, leaving me so much more time for the rest of my work.”

– Sarah, The Balanced Ingredient

The Lanham Lowdown

Lead Nurture Programs: What Are They?

The benefit of capturing the email addresses of your leads is that, unlike social media, you own your database of leads. If Facebook or Instagram died tomorrow, you want to still be able to contact leads you have captured to date. The other benefit of capturing email addresses is that you can easily nurture those leads with an automated sequence called a lead nurture program. Set it up once and it will be grinding away 24/7!

Lead Nurture Programs: Common Mistakes

Lead nurture sequences are the bomb – they’re like a PA who works 24/7. Today we’re talking about common pitfalls – and how to avoid them!

Here’s How To Add Personality To Your Email Sequences

I’m a huge believer in making sure that your brand communications sound as if they’ve come from you, not just some marketing machine! Throwing your personality into your brand helps to grow a relationship, and thus helps to build trust with your target audience.  The benefits of being a small business owner is that you’reContinue reading “Here’s How To Add Personality To Your Email Sequences”